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Even Pack Even Burn

What is Simpacti?!

Simpacti is a combination of Simple & Impactful. It’s more than a brand name – it represents the core design principles that underpin everything we do at Simpacti.  

We are focused on creating simple and impactful products that enhance your experience #PuffSmarter


Clear packNpuff V2

packNpuff fully supports the pre-rolled cones during the loading / packing process. This makes it extremely EASY to create an evenly packed cone that burns evenly. No more canoeing or running cones. 

Make perfect cones quickly and easily. No special skills or dexterity required. Perfect for smokers with arthritis and smokers who don’t have the time or desire to learn to roll.

Use the measuring guide to create cones that are the perfect size for your needs, EVERY SINGLE TIME. No more dealing with half smoked cones! 


Loved by over 500 people on Amazon!


Best money I have spent in a long time. Easy to use and makes the perfect smoke of any size. Would recommend for anyone. The package has a guide to show you how much to pack for the perfect amount of tokes. I love that!! I love the paper "filter", keeps your fingers from getting sticky and stinky. It comes with a packing stick and everything. Definitely a must have.
Awesome little device. It’s better than the dustpan style cone loaders. I really like how it gives estimates on amounts used and puffs available when using your desired amount. Simplicity to its core makes this a wonderful product! Functionality makes it even better. I’m impressed and a very satisfied customer. Now all my pre-rolls come out perfectly. Not that they didn’t before, but this makes it faster and easier with more accurate control of content used.
This product is awesome! Everyone borrows my loader for their cones.
It doesn't get any easier than this, I love it! Why did I wait so long? So easy to use, I can't live without it!