About Simpacti

Simpacti began as 3GreenDimensions in March of 2015. A client in Colorado contacted me to create a product which would enable them to produce quarter gram pre-rolls on a commercial scale. After some long hours of thinking and many, many hours learning the art of 3D printing and design, my first product, packNpuff, was born.

A few years later it became obvious that it was necessary to create pre-rolled cones specifically for packNpuff. The journey to creating these high quality, organic hemp cones, was very long, but I am thrilled with how things turned out.

The next step on the journey was to redesign the packNpuff. packNpuff V2 brought many improvements, including: ease of use, greater durability, aesthetic design & ease of production (using 2 different colors in one 3D print can be quite challenging).

Today I am working out the remaining details on the newest products (cone holders & filters) and am getting ready to launch another new product.

I’ve really enjoyed the journey thus far and hope you’ll join me for the rest of this wild ride!

💚 Michael Green

Simpacti Founder