About Simpacti

Simpacti began as 3GreenDimensions in March of 2015. A client in Colorado contacted us to create a solution to enable them to produce quarter gram pre-rolls efficiently enough to sustain commercial distribution. After some long hours of thinking and many many hours learning the art of 3D printing and design our first product, packNpuff, was born.

Flash forward 5 sucessful  years of producing packNpuff’s and it became evident that a new brand was necessary to embody an emerging larger vision. The name Simpacti was coined to guide the design and production of a plethora of new products.

The first project the team took on was the re-design of the iconic packNpuff. Focused on creating the perfect fit, it became apparent that would require Conesitancy… in the pre-rolled cones. So designing and ethically sourcing, premium natural cones became a priority. Several additional new products like the Cone Condom are currently in development so stay tuned.  

Simpacti aspires to make a positive impact on the earth and all of its inhabitants. Our decisions are heavily influenced by the considering both the positive and negative consequences. We constantly work to improve our processes in an effort to lessen our impact on the earth. We hope to enable consumers to make sustainable decisions and to increasing their individual awareness of the these decisions.

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