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Fill up to 300 RAW cones (1 & 1/4 size) per hour!

The 3D printed 9 unit packNpuff is designed to help users efficiently make pre-rolls with 1 & 1/4 size RAW cones that contain a specific amount of plant material. The tools that currently exist to efficiently produce pre-rolls are optimized for producing 1g pre-rolls but aren’t ideal for creating pre-rolls with a specific amount of plant material.

The packNpuff was designed to use RAW cones (organic hemp 1 ¼ size (84mmx26mm)). This size was chosen because they produce up to 29% less waste than larger sizes of RAW cones. Raw brand was chosen because of their commitment to environmental responsibility and they are also helping to bring sustainable drinking water to developing countries. Other 1 ¼ (84mmx26mm) pre-rolled cones may work in the packNpuff but we make no promise that they will fit, we recommend using Raw 1 ¼ organic hemp pre-rolled cones.

This 9 unit packNpuff enables users to create 0.2-0.3g pre-rolls much more efficiently than stuffing RAW cones by hand.

Made from  plant based plastic in Boulder, Colorado USA.

Additional information

Weight 280.00 g
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 11 cm


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