Clear packNpuff Cone Loader Machine (V2)

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  • Smoking accessories included: 20 Large (King Size) Organic Hemp pre rolled cones, packNpuff (V2) roller / rolling machine and wooden packing stick. Not for weed / marijuana / joints / blunts
  • Designed for a perfect fit with Simpacti brand Large & Standard size  pre rolled cones. Works with most other King (109x26mm) & 1 1/4 (84x26mm) pre rolled cones (cones rolling papers) including RAW.  Does not work with any other cone sizes (lean, 98 special etc etc)!
  • EVEN BURN EVERYTIME: No more canoeing or running cones. packNpuff fully supports the pre-rolled cones during the loading / packing process. This makes it extremely EASY to create an evenly packed cone that burns evenly.
  • EASY TO USE: Make perfect cones quickly and easily. No special skills or dexterity required. Perfect for smokers with arthritis and smokers who don’t have the time or desire to learn to roll.
  • INTEGRATED MEASURING GUIDE: No more dealing with half smoked cones! Use the measuring guide to create cones that are the perfect size for your needs, EVERY SINGLE TIME


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