packNpuff (V2) + 25 Cones

For those who want to make professional quality cones in seconds. Includes everything you need to get started (except herbs) .



Standard (1 1/4) Size packNpuff V2

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A: The measuring guide provides estimations that are highly dependent on multiple factors such as: plant material density, fineness of grind, and puff volume.

A: YES! All of our products come in unmarked shipping boxes.

A: The most effective way to clean your packNpuff is with 90% Isopropyl alcohol. The more frequently you clean it the easier it will be to maintain in like new CONEdition. 

A: packNpuff V1 is designed for Standard (1 1/4) (84x26mm) size pre-rolled cones.

packNpuff V2 is designed for a perfect fit with Simpacti brand Large (King)(109x26mm) & Standard (1 1/4)(84x26mm) size pre rolled cones.

Both versions work well w/ most other brands of pre-rolled cones. They do not work with any other cone sizes (lean, 98 special etc etc).

A: Depending on how fine you grind the plant material and how tightly it is packed, you may be able to make up to a 1.5 g cone. 

A: packNpuff V2 is approximately 1.75”x1.75”x5.5” and weighs about 14g (0.5oz)

A: The packNpuff is 3D printed with a plant based plastic called Polylactic Acid (PLA). We always use Ingeo brand PLA. This plastic is derived from renewable resources such as corn and has far fewer CO2 emissions than “conventional” plastics.

At standard room temperatures and conditions this plastic has durability comparable to conventional plastics. However, this plastic is not designed for use/storage at temperatures above 100°F or below 40°F. Do not store in direct sunlight.

A: If you have a question that we didn’t answer please submit it here.