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Cone Holders & Filters Starter Kit

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Includes: carrying case, 25 biodegradable filters & 5 cone holders.

  • 2 Clear
  • 1 Pink
  • 1 Blue
  • 1 Green

Cone Holders allow you to share cones without sharing germs.

They are guaranteed to fit perfectly with Simpacti brand cones and filters.

Each smoker uses a cone holder and the cone never touches anyone’s lips.

Remember to sanitize cone holders between sharing them!


The filters fit perfectly inside the cone holders.

They allow the good stuff to pass through while reducing impurities to reveal cooler & tastier puffs.

They are made from all natural, biodegradable, plant cellulose.

*One filter is enough to filter approx. one Large cone.

1 review for Cone Holders & Filters Starter Kit

  1. Anne (verified owner)

    Love the new cone holders and filters! The holders make sharing more sanitary and the filters greatly improve taste and smell, while reducing the burn on my throat. These holders and filters enhance the experience and high! Thank you!

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